Patrick ChanI've competed in Figure Skating for 14 years and along the way I've had all types of treatment from many qualified individuals. However, I found that many times they would treat the symptom of an injury (discomfort, sharp pain, etc.) but rarely was there a solution to the cause of the symptom. 

Once I began working with Brad, in 2010, I saw noticeable improvements in my movements on and off the ice.  There's an ease in my stride that gives me the confidence to step on the ice feeling physically prepared without any doubts.

Figure Skating is a sport of precision and finesse, where proper alignment and muscular balance is key.  I have incorporated Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) regularly in the weeks of training that I do, before and after practice.  I've also used MAT exercises to keep my body healthy while competing overseas in Asia and Europe.  

I am grateful to have Brad who has help me achieve the very best in my sport and I continue to look forward to future challenges in my athletic career.

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