I have known Brad for almost 3 years now and feel so absolutely blessed to have him in my life. As a professional athlete (discus), I put a lot of stress on my body and can immediately tell when something is not responding like it should. In a sport that requires my body to fire at the correct time and the right rhythm can add meters to my throw, having Brad provide MAT has been crucial to the development of my career. I had the luxury of Brad working on me almost weekly while training in Colorado and was relatively injury free through the 2012 Olympic Trials. Since moving away to warmer climates (could not resist the lure of SoCal and the Olympic Training Center), I have noticed more injuries popping up because my body is not as stable and strong as before. Yes, I am physically stronger in the weight room and my throwing specific strength has never been better, but it's all about muscles being able to fire properly and in the optimal range of motion. Therefore, I try to see Brad whenever I can while doing the exercises he provided to keep things in check. The little things are so important at this level and I feel it definitely gives me an edge over my competitors. If only I could convince him to move out to Chula Vista...

Competitive Record:
- 2013 USA Track & Field World Team member (women's disc)
- 3rd at 2013 USA Track and Field Championships
- 5th at 2012 USA Track & Field Olympic Trials
- 6th at 2011 USA Track and Field Championships
- 7 time NCAA D1 National Competitor (disc and shot put)
- 4 time Big Ten Champion - Disc PR: 63.32m
- 2-sport athlete at the University of Minnesota (track and basketball)

Liz Podominick

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