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Brad Carlson “Institutions such as the Center for Disease Control and the Canadian Society of Sports Medicine have taken similar stances ” The basic science and clinical evidence today suggests that stretching  before exercise is more likely to cause injury than prevent it.”

Rhett Polka Doctor of Physical Therapy, Action Potential Physical Therapy, Loveland, CO

“The research has shown an inhibition of maximal voluntary contraction, a decrease in the number of repetitions in maximal hamstring strength endurance test, decrease in one rep max performance, impaired active force production, decrease in peak tension, and a reduced maximum voluntary force for up to 1 hour after stretching”

American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness Journal, Sept/Oct 2002, Vol. 6 NO. 5

“It’s hard to believe that stretching could somehow be the enemy, but there has never been any science that actually put stretching into the athletic world.”

US News June 21, 2004  Stacey Ingraham, Exercise Physiologist, Univ of MN.

In 2008 and 2009, I worked with 3 high school teams that were responsible for 7 team state championships in XC, Track/Field and Swimming, 10 individual state champions, 1 national champion  and one USA Olympic trial runner up.  All of these teams and athletes have made modifications in how they warm up for competition. 

For the second straight year I will be lecturing at the
Colorado High School Coaches Assoc. conference for Track and Field.  This coming  Feb, 2010’s subject,  “Preparation of Soft Tissue for Athletic Competition”

If you can’t make it, or are not a XC or Track/Field coach, and want to get in on the secret of enhancing performance and reducing the risk of athletic injuries, contact me to schedule a seminar for your coaching staff and athletes.


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